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Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 5-8:30 p.m.,
The Atrium, Adele H. Stamp Student Union,
University of Maryland

Terp Tank Introduction

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (EIP) capstone project is the culmination of two years of study in the program.

EIP second-semester sophomores work in teams to develop a for-profit business plan that achieves multiple bottom-lines of both profitability and social benefit. These projects address the global necessity to develop and implement solutions to critical social and environmental concerns in ways that are both technologically viable and economically sustainable.

The capstone project and course culminate in the "Terp Tank" competition, where EIP sophomores preparing to complete the course sequence present their Capstone Projects to a panel of judges for the chance to win cash prizes from supporting sponsors.

"This award will help us continue our business and validates our idea even further. It shows that all of our hard work this semester has not gone to waste.”

-- Tami Olafunmiloye, Aerospace Engineering major and 2016 Indi Crafts team member

“Capstone projects address the global necessity to develop and implement solutions to critical social and environmental concerns in ways that are both technologically viable and economically sustainable.”

-- Ryan Elza, Academic Specialist, EIP

2018 Participating Student Startup Ventures

Americrate supports veterans.  Our gift baskets are created by veterans with products made by veterans and our profits shared with local veterans

CareMode provides customized education and support to help the 43+ million informal caregivers better care for their loved ones and themselves in what can often be stressful and overwhelming circumstances.

Continuum is a senior-citizen targeted concierge service that connects the elderly to resources for transportation and home maintenance to help them continue to age in place. Continuum streamlines assistance, improves quality of life, and brings peace of mind to the families of seniors living independently.

DualFuel is an affordable meal bar packed with nutrients for busy students. Our goal is to propel students to academic success by taking their minds off finding convenient nutrition on campus.

EduPol is a mobile game app for candidates to reach  and connect with 18-29 year old voters and increase political engagement.

FlushX conserves water by revolutionizing the way automatic toilet flushing works. Our stall-activated, automatic flushing device drastically reduces wasted toilet flush water in commercial settings saving millions of gallons and dollars.

Food with Friends
Food with Friends addresses the issue of food insecurity and nutrition among college students and teaches the valuable life skill of cooking meals at an affordable price.

N3W HANDS Prosthetics
N3W HANDS Prosthetics creates affordable and highly functional myoelectric prosthetics through modern SLS-style 3D printing and technical consumer-grade electronics, thus significantly reducing cost and allowing us to serve a limited market of low-income families with little/no insurance.

PercUp! is a mental health app that provides working adults with quick and easy daily activities to improve their mood and take the time to take care of themselves.

Pupper Butter
Pupper Butter provides the 20 million dogs in the United States suffering from arthritis with an effective way to relieve pain and improve quality of life. We combine the active ingredients of arthritis medication into a peanut butter blend for dogs, ensuring they get the medication they need, without the hassle of pills.

Report Robin
Report Robin's data analysis tools help international development non-profits to inform decision-making, generate reports faster, and develop closer relationships with their donors.

SoleDNA provides stylish, affordable and eco-friendly shoes with customizable straps and accessories that provide broad variety and express your creative flair.

Student Medic Service
Student Medic Service is a volunteer medic service operated by students for the campus community that provides the fastest and most affordable care on campus, created a safer campus by increasing resources and offloading light emergencies from 911 service.

WebWheels teaches safe Internet habits to children in a fun and engaging way through an online training playground, helping this next generation of technology users learn the self-awareness and skills to navigate the Web safely.

2018 Terp Tank Sponsors

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