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EIP Student Advisory Board: 2016-17 Academic Year

Chris Chornay, Class of 2017


Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Pre-Med Hometown: Lanham, MD Activities: EIP Student Advisory Board, BK Community Council, Alternative Breaks, Clark School Ambassadors, Hospital Volunteer

Internships: MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Scholarship & Awards: Banneker/Key Scholarship, Herbert Rabin Engineering Scholarship, Dean's List   Favorite thing about EIP: EIP has something to offer every honors student. Entrepreneurship appeals to creative and ambitious students in many different fields, creating a unique and collaborative student body. EIP students then get to work together with our knowledgeable and experienced program staff, producing all kinds of creative projects. Entrepreneurship has value for all students, regardless of their pursuits. Bringing all of those ideas together is my favorite thing about EIP.

Favorite honors seminar: HONR269X - Faith in Science. This class was a semester long, in-depth discussion of the history of Science in relation to various world religions and traditions. We explored the historical & cultural influences that shaped the way we study our sciences and practice our religions today, and how the two have evolved together over time. We had lectures from many different university faculty who discussed their positions and faith with us, revealing the intimate relationship between the two. I loved the blending of personal perspective, scientific & cultural history

Courtney Steininger, Class of 2018


Major: English Language and Literature
Minor: Technology Entrepreneurship
Hometown: Darnestown, MD

Activities: Residence Hall Association, Honors College Student Advisory Board, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Honors Ambassadors, Writer's Bloc, HerCampus, Greek Alliance

Internships: L3: Listen, Learn, Lead   Scholarships and Awards: Banneker Key Scholar, ODK Top Ten Freshmen, National Merit Scholar

My Favorite Thing about EIP: I love the atmosphere of EIP; the fact that people can sit around a table in the Diner discussing anything and blurt out "EIP IDEA!" is such a beautiful thing. While I have been told there is a similar culture around "GEMS PROJECTS!", I like to believe that we are unique in the extent to which innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets become such a central part of our lives.

My Favorite Honors Seminar: ENGL289X Breaking News: Contemporary Literature, Media, and the State was the reason I decided to follow my passion and switch my major to English Language and Literature.  This class really explored writing as art, and how it plays into society, and explored incredibly innovative post-modern literature.  While Atwood's Handmaid's Tale is not innovative in the same way as technology, it still had a major impact on how I think about entrepreneurship as well.

Andrew Reitzes, Class of 2018

Engagement Co-Chair

Major: Civil Engineering Hometown: Potomac, MD

Activities: Honors Ambassador, Orientation Advisor, Consultant for ChangeTheWorld, volunteer for MaryPIRG, Program Registrar for the Orientation Office

Scholarships & Awards: President's Scholarship

My favorite thing about EIP: My favorite thing about EIP is the faculty that the program has to offer. Jay and Ryan are very approachable, and they are great people with whom to discuss ideas and also just talk about life. Some of my favorite EIP moments have been events that have happened outside of class, and have been not quite entrepreneurship related.

My favorite honors seminar: My favorite honors seminar was HONR229F which is on New Media Frontiers. The class was great because we got the chance to examine the specific advantages and impacts of each form of social media, and we got to create our own blog sites.

Adam Hemmeter, Class of 2019

Engagement Co-Chair

Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Hometown: Timonium, MD

Activities: Engineering Rep for the Student Government Association, Honors Ambassadors

Scholarships & Awards: President's Scholarship

My favorite thing about EIP: The people

My favorite honors seminar: HONR349I Leading and Investing in Social Change

Katherine Zmoda, Class of 2018

Engagement Advisor

Majors: Marketing and Management
Hometown: Bel Air, MD

Activities: Smith Leadership Institute, TerpAMA, La Plata Hall Council

My favorite thing about EIP: Being right down the hall from my closest friends and classmates!

Amanda Ferreira, Class of 2018

Upperclassmen & Alumni Liason

Major: Marketing Minor: Technology Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Frederick, MD

Activities: Student Entertainment Events (SEE); Professional business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, MasTERPiece Fashion club   Internships: Marketing Intern for the start-up ThinkFiend

Scholarships & Awards: Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar

My favorite thing about EIP: Start-up subgroups. Definitely come out if you can because students share awesome ideas (you might even want to collaborate on) & we've been having a lot of amazing speakers.

My favorite honors seminar: My favorite honors seminar is HONR289I: New York and the American Dream - We read texts centered in New York (like The Great Gatsby and Breakfast at Tiffany's) and focused on the theme of the American dream and how it has changed over time. Both topics interest me since I grew up in Connecticut, about an hour away from the city and my parents migrated to the US from Brazil. Plus Professor Satelmajer is amazing.

Brooke Nesselt, Class of 2019

Events Co-Chair

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Germantown, MD

Activities: Engineers Without Borders Peru Team

Scholarship & Awards: James Clark Scholarship, Northrop Grumman Scholar, Youth Leadership Montgomery Awardee

Favorite thing about EIP: Living with different people with similar aspirations as myself

Favorite Honors Seminar: HEIP144

Jennifer Thai, Class of 2019

Events Co-Chair

Major: Computer Engineering Hometown: Woodbine, MD  

Activities: Vietnamese Student Association, Spoon University, Society of Women Engineers

Scholarship & Awards: Future Business Leaders of America Scholarship, Identity Promotions DECA Scholarship, Clark School of Engineering Dean's List Fall 2015

Favorite thing about EIP: I love the community aspect of EIP. We are such a diverse group of students, with majors ranging from business to engineering to the sciences, but we all have a passion for entrepreneurship. The people are some of the best I've met: so creative, so friendly, so enthusiastic about everything. I know the relationships I've made in EIP will last a lifetime.

Favorite honors seminar: I haven't taken an honors seminar yet, but the class I enjoyed most last semester was CMSC131. It stimulates your brain and challenges you to really think projects through, but allows you to appreciate all the hard work that goes into programming.

Aditya Nilacantan, Class of 2019

Events Advisor

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: North Potomac, MD

Activities: EIPSAB, Residence Hall Association, Engineers Without Borders, SEEDS Mentoring Program

Internships: Baltimore Gas and Electric (Exelon) Summer 2016

Scholarships & Awards: A. James Clark Engineering School Scholarship, President's Scholarship

Favorite thing about EIP: The people: the people I have met here are amazing, with so many diverse, but passionate and business-focused mindsets, I've learned a lot just by being around the people.

Favorite Honors Seminar: ENES102H

Jeffrey Zhao, Class of 2019

Events Advisor

Majors: Accounting and Finance
Hometown: Clarksville, MD

Activities: Hackathons, Slack Lining, Ultimate Frisbee

Internships: R2Integrated Quality Assurance Intern

Scholarships & Awards: 2nd place at UMD DaemonDash Hackathon

Favorite thing about EIP: Start-up Subgroup

Favorite Honors Seminar: Not honors seminar, but I-series: "Is Democracy Dead"

Prateek Sayyaparaju, Class of 2019

Events Advisor

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Clarksville, MD

Activities: Videogames, Bitcamp, Engineers without Border

Scholarships & Awards: President's Scholarship

Favorite thing about EIP: The people

Favorite Honors Seminar: HONR288O