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EIP Student Advisory Board: 2017-18 Academic Year

Heeya Trisal, Class of 2021

Operations Chair

Major: Information Systems

Hometown: Frederick County

Activities: Innovo Scholars Student Consultant, Leadershape Institute Scholar, La Plata Hall Executive Council (VP of Communications/Marketing), Smith Undergraduate Student Association (Creative Ad Designer - Marketing Committee), Teaching Assistant (TA) - HONR239B

Internships: National Honor Society - Blue and Gray Chapter (Treasurer and Intern)

My favorite thing about EIP: Learning that there is need in the world and I have the ability fill it

My favorite honors seminar: HONR239B: New York and the American Dream

Amanda Hobgood, Class of 2020

Engagement Chair

Major: Aerospace Engineering, minor in International Engineering

Hometown: Indian Head, MD

Activities: Scouting, TA, research, WIAA, Engineering Play date, Startup Shell

Internships: Eaton Aerospace Corporation

Scholarships & Awards: Girl Scout Gold Award and BSA Venturing Silver award (Eagle Scout equivalents), Do Good Challenge Final Showcase

My favorite thing about EIP: Opportunities - being able to start a venture as a part of a course and being a TA - mentoring others

My favorite honors seminar: HONR248B - Grand Challenges in Engineering (study abroad in Berlin)

John Park, Class of 2020

Events Chair

Major: Computer Engineering

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Activities: Cooking, Camping, Fishing

Internships: Paradyme Management, Asymmetrik

Scholarships & Awards: Banneker Key, Herbert Rabin Endowed

My favorite thing about EIP: EIP gives me an entirely different point of view that doesn't come from a computer screen.  As a computer engineering, I'm mainly learn things in class about computer science, but EIP helps to give me ways of tying my knowledge into real world problems.  I can apply what I learn to something that matters.

My favorite honors seminar: HONR239X - Ecological Design Thinking.  Not sure if it's being taught anymore, but it was an amazing class that followed closely with what I was learning with EIP at the time.  Focuses on how it doesn't always cost to be environmentally friendly - instead, it can generate a profitable business model.

Angela Yang, Class of 2021

Major: Finance

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Activities: Smith Undergraduate Student Association, Accounting and Business Association, Ballroom at Maryland

Scholarship & Awards: Banneker/Key Scholarship

Favorite thing about EIP: The people you meet in EIP are some of the most talented individuals I have ever known. Out of all the honors colleges, EIP has the best pool of talent and draws from all disciplines, which creates a really rich environment.

Favorite Honors Seminar: HONR268L: US Immigration Policies. Dr. Grant-Wisdom provides an objective lens on issues that are so prominent in our government today by taking you through a full timeline of US immigration policies. It was an incredibly interesting seminar where we got to explore, develop, and defend different perspectives on this complex issue.

Nealyn Jahangir, Class of 2021

Major: Bioengineering, minor in Computer Science

Hometown: Clarksville, MD

Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Engineers Without Borders

Scholarships & Awards: President's Scholarship

My favorite thing about EIP: The friends I made.