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EIP Student Profile

Graham Schuckman


Graham Schuckman


Finance and Information Systems, Robert H. Smith School of Business, Freshman


Ellicott City

High School

Howard High School

Scholarships and Awards

Dean’s Scholarship, UMD; Mid-Atlantic Securities and Traders Association Scholarship; National Multiple Sclerosis Scholarship; State Employee Credit Union (SECU) Scholarship; Masonic Charities of Maryland Scholarship; Community Foundation of Howard County Doug Parker Scholarship; Howard High School Scholarship


Howard County Economic Development Authority; Service Source Incorporated; YMCA


First place, Maryland, Future Business Leaders of America Securities and Investments Competition; First place, Maryland, M&T Bank and SECU Personal Finance Challenge national competition (fellow teammate Jonathan Taylor is also an EIP student and close friend)

Why I Chose EIP

The main reason I chose is very simple--it is the most business-oriented of the Honors College living-learning programs. EIP also has a very special emphasis on multidisciplinary teams. It has the highest percentage of Banner Key students, so I knew I was joining a pool of high-performing students. EIP students have the best GPA and most scholarship recipients of any living-learning program in Honors College. I want to be with kids who push me to be my best. EIP is a natural fit for that. There is also an increasing demand in the business world for business students who can effectively interact with engineers and computer scientists. I am learning to do that in EIP. Finally, living in LaPlata is nice--it has air conditioning and is next to the diner.

Why I Chose UMD

My mom is a University of Maryland alumna. UMD also has a highly ranked business school. The university is relatively close to home. Scholarship money was important, as is affordability. UMD has a friendly AP credit transfer policy (I came in with 30 credits).

What I Like About EIP

I like EIP’s emphasis on social value creation. During our first semester, we were responsible for creating a social enterprise and operating it for one week. We started Candygrams for Mammograms and raised $100 for breast cancer research in just a week. This semester we are participating in the Do Good Challenge. Our team is focusing on nutrition but we are just getting started. Terps Against Hunger was a prior winner of the Do Good Challenge. We are hoping to work with the founder. Everyone in EIP is friendly. We all get along very well. The program contains a very diverse pool of talent with unique backgrounds. EIP is rolling out a new program with coding workshops. I am hoping to see this replicated at a larger scale, especially in the business school.

What I've Learned Through EIP

The first semester is about developing the entrepreneurial mindset, i.e., how to think about problems in a more dynamic way. We learned to think about both the customer and the business at the same time. We have massive problems in the world. EIP has taught me that rather than just saying that’s terrible, we can look at problems as opportunities that can be filled, and filled in a profitable manner.

Activities at UMD

Vice President of Finance for Terps Against Hunger (the largest volunteer organization at UMD, on track to pack 1 million meals for local food banks this year); Business Analyst for Consult Your Community, a Smith School Club that provides pro-bono consulting for local organizations (Graham is paired up with UMD dining services); Community Service Committee Member for the Smith Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA), through which Graham is organizing an event at the Smith School in April, 2018, to pack 30,000 meals, in conjunction with Terps Against Hunger.

What I Hope to Do with My Career

Consulting is something that is starting to peak my interest. I am also considering working in data science and data analytics, through which I can utilize my skills in mathematics and extrapolate trends and make predictions. Personal finance advising is also of interest. I would like to help middle-class families budget and save for their kids’ college expenses. Lastly, I am considering minoring in public policy and entering politics. My dad does political lobbying for the University of Central Florida. I’ve got time to explore options. The Smith School lets me choose from 8 different majors with 18 credits difference apiece.

Startup Aspirations

Starting a company has certainly been a consideration at times, which is originally why I was a member of FBLA in high school. As an EIP student, I will be open to the possibility of initiating or joining an entrepreneurial venture in the future. The advantage of developing an entrepreneurial mindset, which is a primary focus in EIP, is that even if I don’t want to start a business I can work within an organization to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities.

I have a passion for volunteering. I am always looking for opportunities to do more in my communities. People have given me opportunities that have contributed to my success, and I want to give back.