Mtech's Mission

    The mission of the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), a unit of the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, is to:

    • Educate the next generation of technology entrepreneurs;
    • Create successful technology ventures; and
    • Connect Maryland companies with university resources to help them succeed.

    Mtech has built a comprehensive entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem at the University of Maryland. Its programs arm top students from around the world with the knowledge of how to successfully launch companies and guide aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through the entire lifecycle of launching and maintaining technology-based ventures.

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    Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute
    Honors College

    Honors College



    ASPIRE is a grant program for undergraduate researchers working with Clark School faculty on projects with commercial potential


    Returning EIP sophomores will not be required to live in La Plata Hall for the 2020-2021 academic year.

    All EIP students live together in La Plata Hall for both years of the program, creating a rich, diverse and dynamic atmosphere conducive to the free-flow sharing of ideas, team-building, and entrepreneurial activity. LaPlata is also close to other living-learning programs, the recreation center, athletic fields, and dining hall.

    Key Features

    • La Plata Residence Hall
    • Co-located program offices
    • Class and team rooms
    • Mentoring & Coaching
    • Start-up Subgroup
    • Entrepreneur Office Hours
    • Group discussions
    • EIP Peer Guides and TAs
    • Community programs
    • Co-located classrooms with A/V
    • Co-located team/study rooms
    • Co-curricular programming
    • EIPalooza and other events
    • Wifi and hardwire data access
    • Newly renovated lobby

    EIP students celebrating after the 2014 Honors College Freshman Convocation.

    Campus aerial map

    Small, Tight-Knit Living Community

    The EIP living community gives students a small-college feel in a large research-university campus.

    As one student remarked, "Living together in La Plata (EIP residence hall) has definitely built an EIP family that is there for support with both business ideas, creative ideas, and for life in general. You can ask any EIPer about a business idea you have or bounce ideas off of other people in the start-up subgroup. At the same time, you can ask an EIPer about advice for what to do with a certain friend or if they want to go to a football game with you. EIP provides a group of friends/peers that is there for you during the weekdays and the weekends."

    "EIP took the larger Maryland community and placed me in an environment filled with the most promising leaders, competitive athletes, and talented musicians. The conglomeration of a diverse group of students ensures that any incoming EIP member will feel welcome."

    EIP student Stephanie Graf, marketing major, 2014,
    Fulbright Special Programme Participant

    Diverse Students Interacting Together

    EIP students represent a broad cross-section of undergraduates from different majors and demographic backgrounds. Being exposed to such a diversity of students in a focused manner over an extended period of time provides a fertile environment for the sharing, blending and generation of novel solutions that integrate many different points of view. Cross-disciplinary teams form easily, blending students’ skills to develop the next great idea.

    Each year, the program hosts EIPalooza, a celebration of EIP and its community featuring student awards and open microphone sessions.

    Social Activities

    In addition to formal program academics, co-curricular programs and venture development activities, students participate in a variety of social activities to foster relationship development and community-building within EIP.

    Activities typically include:

    • welcome events
    • holiday parties
    • study breaks
    • intramural sports
    • jam sessions
    • EIPalooza
    • year-end celebrations
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