Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

Princeton ReviewThe Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (EIP) provides University of Maryland Honors College freshmen and sophomores with an interdisciplinary, living and learning education to help build the entrepreneurial mindsets, skill sets, and relationships invaluable to developing innovative, impactful solutions to today's problems.

A Great Place to Launch

EIP turtleA joint program of the Honors College and the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech), EIP has a proven pedigree of successful creativity and innovation-related education and achievement. Mtech has been a leading force in entrepreneurial education and innovation for over 25 years. EIP is based directly on Mtech's groundbreaking Hinman CEOs program, the first undergraduate living-learning entrepreneurship program in the United States. EIP students have access to Mtech's venture development resources and activities as well as those specifically designated for EIP and the Honors College.

While we have a strong technology heritage, EIP is an excellent program for any student interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Nearly half of EIP students are pursuing non-technical majors, including business, psychology, music and government/politics. And of course EIP is at the University of Maryland, which was ranked by Kiplinger's among the top-ten public four-year institutions for providing outstanding education at an affordable price.

Ashmi Sheth

"When I joined EIP my goal was to learn how to see a problem as an opportunity. I have done so. My thinking is now reflective of EIP. I never would have dreamed a two-year program would impact me this much but it has." Read more -->

EIP student

"EIP took the larger Maryland community and placed me in an environment filled with the most promising leaders, competitive athletes, and talented musicians. The conglomeration of a diverse group of students ensures that any incoming EIP member will feel welcome."
-- EIP student Stephanie Graf, marketing major, 2014, Fulbright Special Programme Participant

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